For fifty years you have known us as Northern New England Benefit Trust or NNEBT. We began in 1966 as a health fund providing dental benefits to Teamsters in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We now provide a full array of health and welfare benefits to Teamsters and their families across the country – currently 25,000 members strong and growing!

As such, our name no longer represents who we are. You can say we’ve outgrown it. With growth, comes change. Therefore, we are pleased to share the exciting news that in January 2017, Northern New England Benefit Trust will go by the name Allegiant Care and Teamsters Rx will be Allegiant Rx.

We believe our new name embodies the trust we have built with our members and reflects our goal of providing the quality healthcare benefits you have come to expect and the highest standard of member care. Our mission and responsibility remain the same. As fellow Teamsters, we are committed to helping you understand your benefits and advocating for you as you navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system. That is the way it has been for 50 years and that is one thing that will not change.

Be on the lookout for more communications from us in January 2017 under our new Allegiant Care name.


Your NNEBT Allegiant Care Team