Choosing the Best Level of Care

You or a family member is ill, and your family doctor is not available – what should you do?  If you want to same time and money, and it is not a life-threatening medical issue, there are options available.

No-Cost Option

24-Hour Health Information Line:  Talk with a registered nurse at any time to get answers to your health questions.  The nurse will also help you determine what is the most appropriate medical care.

  • Cigna Healthcare members call: 1-800-564-9286
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members call: 1-800-711-5947

Check your medical ID card or your medical benefit summary if you are not sure which medical plan you have.

Moderate-Cost Option

Urgent Care Center.  Urgent Care Centers treat non-life-threatening medical problems. These centers are open seven days a week, and their hours of operation are usually 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.  Your Urgent Care Center co-pay is considerably lower than the Emergency Room co-pay.  See your medical benefit summary for more information.

High-Cost Option

Hospital Emergency Room. This is your most expensive and time-consuming decision for a non-life-threatening illness. The average wait time in an emergency room for a non-emergency situation is four hours and your co-pay will be considerably higher.  If your medical issue is not life-threatening, consider an urgent care center instead.